Current Projects
  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics on Cyprus: a multitaxon approach to population differentiation within an isolated island.(EVOLCYP)​​

  • Miocene and Pliocene fossil fish of Cyprus (in collaboration with Dr. George Iliopoulos, Dept. of Geology, Univ. of Patras) PhD student Aggelos Agathaggelou

  • Genetic diversity of fossil dwarf hippos of Cyprus (in collaboration with the ancient DNA lab of ITE-FORTH, Univ. of Crete, Dr. N. Poulakakis)

  • Reptile communities inside and outside NATURA 2000 sites of Cyprus (in collaboration with Dr. I. Vogiatzakis, Open Univ. of Cyprus) PhD student Elena Erotokritou

  • LIFE project Preventing a LIONfish invasion in the MEDiterranean through early response and targeted REmoval (RELIONMED-LIFE) - LIFE16 NAT/CY/000832 (in collaboration with MER, Enalia Physis, Univ. of Plymouth and Dept. for Fisheries and Marine Research)(coordinator: Dr. Spyros Sfenthourakis)

  • Assessment of current and future Invasive Alien Species in Cyprus (Darwin Plus: Overseas Territories Environment and Climate Fund) (Project coordinator: Dr. Helen Roy, NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK)

  • Molecular phylogenetics of terrestrial isopods (Onicidea) Phd student Andreas Dimitriou

  • Marine phytoplankton communities of Cyprus' waters  PhD student Monica Demetriou

Concluded Projects

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  • ​Assembly and diversity of terrestrial isopod communities of Cyprus (in collaboration with Dr. Parmakelis and Dr. K.A.Triantis, Univ. of Athens)

  • Ecology, variation and behavior of the Cyprus freshwater crab (concluded in 2012) M.Sc. Pantelis Savvidis

  • DNA-barcoding of the birds of Cyprus (in collaboration with ​Birdlife Cyprus and the ​Game Fund Cyprus - funded by ​A.G. Leventis Foundation) (concluded 2014) M.Sc. Andreas Dimitriou

  • Distribution of marine calcareous organisms along the coasts of Cyprus (in collaboration with the ​Department of History and Archaeology of the Univ. of Cyprus, the Cyprus Institute and Enalia Physis​) (concluded 2015)​M.Sc. Katerina Achilleos​

  • Arthropod diversity on Mount Troodos Post-doctoral researcher Dr. Eva Pitta​, MSc Marios Yiannapas (concluded 2015), undergraduate students Stavroula Artemiou and Christoforos Pavlou (concluded 2014) 

  • Eco-physiology and phylogeography of Stellagama stellio (in collaboration with Dr. Pafilis, Univ. of Athens)​PhD student (Univ. of Athens) Emmanouela Karameta (concluded 2018) & undergraduate student Athina Vlasiou (concluded 2014)


  • A nationwide inventory of the terrestrial fauna of Cyprus ​Dr Christina Kassara and Dr. Eva Pitta

  • Biological control of tomato pest, Tuta absoluta (in collaboration with Argicultural Research Institute (Nikos Serapheidis) PhD student Giorgos Michaelides